Position Overview:  This position is accountable for the administrative duties associated with general membership meetings and Board meetings as well as strategic planning meetings. As a member of the executive Board, the Secretary is responsible for supporting the direction of the President and the initiatives of the chapter.  Although not a requirement, it is recommended that the Secretary is a SHRM member in good standing and certification is preferred.  

Term:   The Secretary has a two-year term that begins in an odd number year. Currently 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2018.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attendance at every monthly Board meeting and Chapter meeting as well as strategic planning meetings is expected.
  • Provide a continuity of leadership in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.
  • Participate in the planning of the State SHRM Conference in the years the conference is hosted by BAHRA.
  • Assist the Board with determining topics for monthly meetings and contact speakers as needed or assigned to set up speaking arrangements.  All Board members share this task.
  • Assist the Membership Director with registration at monthly meetings when needed.
  • Represent the chapter in the Human Resources Community.
  • Assist the Board and complete other tasks as assigned by the President.
  • Maintain a record of attendance and prepare the minutes of the monthly board meetings and other special meetings called by the President.  Distribute copies of the minutes to all board members and post on Google Docs.
  • Distribute all meeting announcements to membership as well as newsletters and other information as determined by the Board.  This information should also be sent to the district director, the state director, and your SHRM Regional Team.  NOTE:  All emails sent to members should be sent as a blind carbon copy so that none of our members email addresses are detectible as we hold our membership list confidential.
  • Responsible for monthly chapter meetings setup - make preparations with the facility, call facility with head count for meals two days before the meeting, print off registration list, arrive early to set up registration table, lay out name tags and make other meeting preparations including accepting late meeting registrations or cancellations and checking in members at the meeting.
  • Order new badges for members as needed.
  • Work closely with the Membership Director to make sure that all new members are added to the membership database as well as the email distribution list.